“Because I have had the privilege of seeing EncounteredHeart Ministries grow from its seedling stage and knowing each company member personally, it would be easy for me to applaud their ministry for those reasons alone. However, my husband and I were able to attend their premiere performance of “Stories of Promise,” and it was such a blessing to both of us because they interspersed their own stories throughout their dancing. It made it personal and meaningful because we all have our own stories of promise: those times where God is working behind the scenes even when we do not see Him; those times where despair seems to suppress every inch of light; those times when He works miracles out of the most desperate situations; and those times where we can just be in awe of Him and what He has done.”Kirsten Kline
Mechanicsburg, PA
Owner/Artistic Director of Reverence Studios

“EncounteredHeart came and blessed our church congregation immensely with their beautiful expression of worship through dance. The dancers told stories of hope and grace that spoke louder than words. Our children in particular were blessed to see these young women ministering to the Lord with their talent, and were even invited on stage to dance with the team at the end of the performance! We pray abundant blessings over EncounteredHeart as they continue to bring a sweet fragrant offering of worship to Jesus!”Heather Moreno
Damascus, MD & Bangkok, Thailand 
Difference Makers Church & Iris Ministries 

“We are the Yahweh Christian Ballet Company in Rochester, NY. We have had the privilege to co-labor alongside EncounteredHeart at Project Dance Washington DC in the summer of 2011. We were blessed to meet such kind and loving young women who are clearly sold out for Jesus. Their art form is a dance that points to Him and only Him. They are kingdom-minded and not self focused in what they do. While on the road to Washington DC, for example, they agreed to perform in one of our shows as extra dancers and also to open for us in worship. EncounteredHeart Ministries will bless you whether you are partaking of their beautiful dance for the Lord or working alongside them passing out tracts in a public place.”Sandy and Sam Arena
Rochester, NY
Yahweh Ballet and The Life Ballet

“I was incredibly impacted by the honesty and sincerity of both the vision and the dancing. The stark honesty of each dancer’s personal story, combined with the beautiful expression of both questioning God and praising him- it was incredible. It is my personal dream to become a director someday, not necessarily of dance but of movies and the like, so I understand the importance of communicating your message to the audience. I was trying to explain to my friend the other day what dance means to me… how it can be used to communicate. How dance can supplicate, or praise, or mourn, or question, or represent any number of actions and emotions with an eloquence completely unique to this art. You certainly have an incredible understanding of all these things, and the message you sent through the medium of movement- the medium of dance- was incredibly powerful, and incredibly clear. Thank you so much. God bless you.”Michaela Ginder
Dillsburg, PA

Every detail that our Heavenly Father has for us marks our lives. The past month of February we received in the Wesleyan Church a very nice visit that not only gave a special touch about dance ministry of “Created to Worship,” but it was also a great wonderful gift to our worshipers. In this dance workshop we had the privilege of inviting a dance ministry from another Wesleyan Church in Colombia.

I can tell details that encompass large and extensive pages of what Jesus did with our lives that day. But for now, I want to share that not only did we receive ballet, contemporary and other classes…but the technique transmitted to us strength and power that we can only give through the Holy Spirit. We did not want the time to end. Our bodies were not tired and longed to receive more. The position of body is much like the position that we have in Christ, its strength is much more powerful in our abdomen, where Jesus put His seed in each of us. We developed activities that led each to worship and to dance without relying on music or instruments. We learned that we are vessels in the hands of God to convey truths through bodily expression, dance, movement and freedom.

Today, we are enriching every time of teaching with learning technique and nourishing the spirit that we received; extreme worship with passion and compassion for the lost. Every time of ministry in our congregation is a time of love with the King, but also it’s a time of battle because our freedom, restoration and peace is to be poured out on His people.

I bless the life of Hope Dudek and EncounteredHeart Ministries- for your love for the Lord and His people; a worship missionary that transformed our lives; allowing us to know a little more of the mysteries that God has for each of us as His children and worshipers. Justice, peace, and joy….THE KINGDOM OF GOD TO BE EXTENDED!

Eliana Garcia

Wesleyan Church- People of God

Ministry of Dance “Created to Worship”

Bogotá, Colombia

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