Ashley Morgan



Ashley Morgan
Company Dancer
Mechanicsburg, PA

Ashley found her love for dance at age 11 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts when she began taking classes at a local studio in Tap, Jazz, and Ballet. Beginning in high school, Ashley attended The Salvation Army’s Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory in New York each summer for 5 years, where she learned to develop her skills in the areas of dance and other art forms. It was here that Ashley began to understand more fully how artistic gifts could be used as an offering to serve the Lord.

While attending Messiah College, Ashley continued to take dance classes in the areas of Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Irish Soft Shoe, and Irish Hard Shoe through Acclamation Dance Ministry. Ashley began teaching Tap while involved in the ministry and served as Acclamation’s Artistic Director for two years.

Whenever possible, Ashley enjoys using dance as a means to extend Christ’s love to individuals both here and abroad. She has traveled to Paraguay, Argentina, and Kenya in an effort to serve in these communities and communicate hope through the means of dance and drama. Ashley has also utilized the arts in her role of assistant pianist for the traveling production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat during the summer of 2011.

Currently, Ashley teaches Modern at Reverence Dance Studios. She finds fulfillment in building relationships with her students and creating an environment where students feel free to take risks in their development of dance skills. Ashley also serves as an Emotional Support teacher at the elementary level and is working to obtain her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.